Welcome to SpeedChex.com - the fastest, easiest, and most efficient way to accept a check. SpeedChex is a real-time electronic check payment solution that gives your company a competetive edge by allowing you to take checks over the phone and over the Internet.
Product Features
  • Integrates easily into any business process or web application
  • Reduces your transactions costs over credit cards
  • Eliminates lost orders and order delays inherent to taking checks by mail
  • Get faster access to your money
  • Reach new customers who cannot pay by credit card
  • View all check transactions in real-time using our Internet based reporting system
Take Checks Over the Phone
Girl on Phone Our SpeedChex Phone Check product is an Internet-based application that guides your employees step-by-step through the process of taking a check by phone. Integration is as easy as opening a web-browser and accessing the SpeedChex website.
Take Checks Over the Internet
Computer The SpeedChex Internet Check integrates quickly and easily into any website.  Customers are presented with a simple, secure "check-like" interface that shows them how to find and input their bank account information. Your company is notified instantly when a check payment is received.
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